Annette McHugh, nee Pereira

Annette is a graduate of a CEN school. She has worked in and around politics for most of her adult life, in New Zealand, UK and Australia. Annette was the Executive Officer for AACS in 2018. She is passionate about the church continuing to offer good news to the world around us.


On the Other Side of Religious Freedom

For the first time in our lives, many Christians have found ourselves in a position in which the views we have held are considered by our neighbours to not just be quaint or restrictive, but fundamentally damaging to the flourishing and well-being of people around us.

Christians believe they share a message that is full of love. Others believe this message is causing significant suffering.

Regardless of where religious freedom debates end in a legal sense, culturally we have lost our ability to speak with authority into many of the social issues of our time.

This poses a number of significant questions for Christian schools. How do we relate to secular authority? How do we adapt to new culture and a new time? How do we continue to love our neighbours and pass on our faith to the next generation?