Chris Parker

Chris trained as a fluvial geomorphologist and never imagined writing a book commentating on culture. He is the author of The Frog and the Fish: Reflections on Work, Technology, Sex, Stuff, Truth, and Happiness. He serves as the Professional Learning Coordinator for CEN and the editor of the Christian Teachers Journal.

After exploring the adventure of teaching mathematics, science, and technology in Christian schools, he developed a passion for helping young people (and teachers) see all of life (and work) through a big-picture biblical lens.

Chris lives in the Blue Mountains with his wife Coco, two teenage children and a growing collection of ukuleles.


Strand Session:

iLife and iLearning: Re-imaging our engagement with digital technologies towards iShalom

We are living in digital times. Our lives are characterised by constant connection, unlimited information, and a cultural story that promises power and potential through our technologies. Are social media, SMS, LMS, Google, online gamification etc. merely tools we seek to use wisely and safely as faithful disciples and Christian educators? Or do they tell a shaping story—impacting us at a deep level—merely by existing and being woven into the fabric of our lives and learning? Are they, perhaps, still impacting us even when we use them wisely and well?