Dan Fennell

Dan is a graduate in education (Flinders) and theology (Ridleyand London). Since 1998 he has served as Biblical Foundations Coordinator across five campuses of the Sekolah Pelita Harapan Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia, and as preaching pastor at Jakarta International Christian Fellowship. Dan’s passion is training Christians to understand the whole story of God for personal and community transformation.


Rediscovering Christian Imagination

What does it mean to develop ‘whole’ students using ‘holistic’ education? How can we know that we have achieved this aim? Dan will help you rescue holism from being mere jargon by putting it to work inyour life and learning communities. We can’t trust our eyes (or education practices) if our imagination is out of focus. Since imagination without biblical foundations inevitably becomes idolatry, we need a methodology to frame, form and fill pedagogy with the fullness of Jesus who does more than we can imagine. This seminar is for leaders and teachers to reimagine the beating heart of Christian education!