Dave Youl

Dave is the Director of ICT at Covenant Christian School, Sydney, but he isn’t your typical “IT Guy”. With a background in business he retrained as an HSIE teacher before starting to play with digital technology. He is passionate about allowing the gospel to shape all parts of the “business” that is a school.


NEWSFLASH!! Reimagining Practice – it ain’t just for teachers!

As non-teaching staff we might think:
But isn’t “Reimagining Practice – International Transforming Education Conference” all about Education? You know… the classroom stuff? I’m just there to do a job, help and support the teachers where I can, but they do the real practice. I don’t have that much to do with Education at all.

In response to that hypothetical thought, I might use the words of one of my favourite educators, Edward Rooney – “Thank you, Grace, I think you’re wrong.”

In this session we will explore the premise of Reimagining Practice from the perspective of support services, and why it is important for the practice of ALL staff to be grounded in the Vision and/or Mission of your school. Practical steps will also be shared that you can take back and implement in your school right now, so that we all might play our part in the education of the children entrusted to us by their parents.

All non-teaching staff, and those who work directly with support staff in schools will find this session helpful.