Dee Little

Once a public school teacher, curriculum officer and deputy principal, Dee was led to Christian education in 2004. Since then she has served with NT Christian Schools as a teacher, Board member and system-level project officer, and now teaches Year 1&2 at Palmerston Christian School. Dee is passionate about seeing all aspects of school life transformed by the gospel. She loves the ocean and enjoys singing, reading, scuba diving and being with her husband Tam and their two energetic children.


123 Redeemed: Re-imagining Behaviour Management

In this practical session, Dee will challenge us to consider afresh, in light of the gospel, the worldview assumptions on which our classroom behaviour management practices rest and to reimagine them in the context of grace. We will consider the parent’s biblical mandate for heart training and reflect on some of the biblical principles that apply to shepherding and instructing a child’s heart. We will explore notions of boundaries, freedom and responsibility, leading by authority and leading with influence. We will draw on biblical peacemaking principles to reimagine ‘cultural liturgies’ of the classroom that help children experience God’s grace and orientate their hearts toward Him.