Dr Fiona Partridge

Fiona is the State Executive Officer for the CEN South Australia. She is also a CEN Professional Learning presenter and adjunct lecturer with the National Institute. Fiona has taught at Torrens Valley Christian School since 1990 and is passionate about Christian Education, still enjoying time in the classroom teaching. Fiona’s family lives the beautiful Adelaide Hills and love running and riding the local trails.


Exploring Quality Questioning – the responsibility of the teacher to form students’ hearts and minds towards the Kingdom

Recently, leading educational speakers such as Hattie and Ritchhart have emphasised the pivotal role of the teacher in shaping effective student learning. Dr Stuart Fowler wrote about this, defining the ‘Office of the Christian teacher’ as the main causer of learning. Fowler’s work has recently been re-published in the text, The Christian School as Community (ed. Hanscamp, 2018). In this elective session, Fiona and Emily will lead participants in protocol and thinking routines, exploring the concept of quality questioning. Through refining the art of dialogue, teachers can better invite students into authentic and deeper learning opportunities, considering their place in God’s world.