Dr Susan Starling

Sue Starling has leadership experience as a principal, Dean of Education, author, presenter and consultant. Her research interest is curriculum and teacher confidence and she completed her PhD, Silent Rivals in Christian Education: A Shalom Perspective, at Flinders University in 2013. She is the Principal of Portside Christian College in South Australia and lives in the lovely Adelaide Hills where she is happiest in her gumboots.


Re-imagining Restorative Practices as Curriculum and Assessment

Restorative practices are at the heart of Christian education and there is a direct link between teacher practice and student flourishing. Restoration and flourishing means re-imagining our schools as places where everyone feels welcome – where there are no academic aliens; as places of belonging where the language students hear enlivens possibility and potential. Restorative practices have as much to do with curriculum and assessment as they have to do with social and emotional regulation.