Gayle Monsma

Gayle is a Canuck from Edmonton Alberta. She owns several toques, usually has a few loonies and toonies in her pocket, has eaten ketchup chips but prefers poutine, nanaimo bars or even Timbits, does not live in an igloo, but has taken a few rides on toboggans and Ski-Doos. Unlike many Canadians, she is not a fan of the double-double.

Gayle has been involved in Christian education since she was six years old, as a student, a teacher, a principal, and now the Executive Director of The Prairie Centre for Christian Education that serves about 20 schools on the Canadian prairie provinces. PCCE works with teachers, school leaders and school boards in the areas of learning experiences, thought leadership and deepening/maximizing relationships. In addition, Gayle serves on the boards of both Christian Schools Canada and Christian Schools International. She is passionate about authentic integral Christian education and, in particular, working with schools to implement Teaching for Transformation.