Judy Linossier

Judy is married to Andre and they have six children. She is the Principal of the Drouin campus of Chairo Christian School in Victoria and has served on the CTJ editorial team for the past 10 years. Judy enjoys reading, reflecting and spending time with her family.


PeaceWiseKids and PeaceWiseYouth: Re-imagining how to equip young people to deal with challenging relationships and conflict in healthy, constructive and life-changing ways

Imagine if you could teach young people biblical peacemaking skills that actually become part of their relational DNA. Speaking from her personal experience in schools, as well as her longstanding close relationship with PeaceWise, Judy will explain how teaching biblical peacemaking impacts childrens’ self-confidence, emotional intelligence, resilience – but can also greatly impact the overall relational well-being of a school community. This includes reducing bullying and precious time spent dealing with conflicts within the school.

Come to this workshop to hear Judy share about the comprehensive and affordable online and in-class programme PeaceWise has developed to help schools teach children to be peacemakers for life!