Karen Hooper

Karen has been teaching in CEN schools for more than 25 years. With extensive classroom teaching experience across mostly primary year levels as well as Music and Performing Arts, she is passionate about seeing teachers grow in their understanding and practise of authentic Christian teaching. Karen is married to Nathan, and together they have three handsome boys who are in Years 7, 9 & 12 at Bayside Christian College.


Creating ‘Kingdom Culture’ in the Primary Classroom

Have you grappled with what it really means to teach authentically from a Biblical Perspective across all areas of learning? Primary teachers have the unique opportunity to truly immerse young children in an atmosphere and culture that facilitates a deeper understanding and revelation of God’s purpose for learning across all curriculum areas. Karen will share suggestions and strategies of how one might create a primary classroom culture that is built on biblical foundations and equips young children to become stronger in their faith, gaining confidence in their identity as they learn how to become responsive participants in God’s story.