Kathy Pereira

Kathy is the CEN Governance Coordinator and SEO for CEN NSW/ACT. She is passionate to see CEN schools and people grow and flourish as they respond to where God is leading. And in order to do this, our schools need to have strong, passionate boards who have captured their school’s vision and values and are absolutely committed to great governance of the school. Strengthening, equipping and encouraging our CEN boards is a key priority for Kathy in all the work she is doing.


“Trust Me”

You are Board Chair at a local Christian School and you are driving home from yet another late night Board meeting. It was a meeting where you and the other board members left feeling as if you are not being told the whole story by the school executive leadership. You want to trust what they are doing but are increasingly nervous about the lack of evidence of attention to key risk areas. Whenever you have raised this, the Principal has seemed hurt and asked why you don’t trust them.

The Principal, in turn, is feeling as if the Board is micro-managing the school.
In this workshop, Kathy will lead us through this hypothetical as we explore what contributes to lack of trust and how we can move from a place of lack of trust to a healthy Board/Executive relationship, which is so vital for the health of a school community.

  • What does lack of trust look like?
  • What can we do to build vulnerable trust?
  • How can we build on this to enable forward-moving, faithful school leadership?