Mark Steyn

Mark completed a degree majoring in business and industrial psychology. After many years in human resources, he became a strategic planning consultant and had the privilege of consulting to large corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations before moving into schools and education. Mark is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Rehoboth Christian College, Perth.


Traps Tricks and Transformations: Re-imagining organisational identity

Schools are prone to “overreach” – trying to be something (or someone) that they’re not, or trying to be all things to all people! Now is the time to check if your organisation’s identity will allow you to achieve your strategy and to align dream with reality, vision with values, and outcomes with knowledge and skills. In this session, Mark will equip school leaders with some tricks to help with alignment, highlight some traps that have caused schools severe pain, and share some transformative practices that have helped schools make the shift from “good to great”.