Mathilda Joubert

Mathilda is the Director of Excellence & Innovation, at Sheridan College. Mathilda is passionate about God, creativity and innovation. She has worked as innovation consultant, teacher, policy maker, researcher, lecturer, school improvement consultant and ACARA expert advisor on Creative and Critical Thinking Skills.She has five degrees (in music, languages, education, cognitive neuropsychology and business) and is currently completing her PhD.


Teaching creatively or teaching for creativity?

Teachers are expected to embrace creativity and innovation, but do we teach creatively or for creativity? Teaching creatively is important. It involves using a range of imaginative strategies to engage students in learning. But it is not enough. We also need to teach for creativity, which involves teaching in such a way that we purposefully develop students’ creative thinking skills through our teaching. This does not happen by accident; it needs to be planned. In this workshop we will explore how primary and secondary teachers can embed teaching creatively and teaching for creativity in their classrooms through practical strategies.