Dr Roshan Allpress

Roshan is National Principal and CEO of Laidlaw College in New Zealand, where he leads an extraordinary team working to equip people to renew their communities with the Gospel.

Roshan is an historian with degrees from the Universities of Canterbury and Oxford. His research interests include how the Gospel has motivated social and cultural reform, with particular emphases on evangelicalism and the history of religious reform, the origins of philanthropy and humanitarianism, and intersections of theology and political economic thought.

He has a background in leadership development, having co-founded and led the Compass Foundation (now part of Venn Foundation) in New Zealand. Roshan is married to Lottie, and they have two young daughters.


Strand Session:

To Reform the World

Throughout history, the Gospel has compelled people to seek to renew society and culture. Among the many stories we could tell is the group of Evangelical activists known as the “Clapham Sect” – a group that included William Wilberforce, Henry Thornton, Hannah More, and others, and who laboured over two generations in an astonishing number of causes, including the abolition of slavery, the transformation of education, the spread of global missions, and all manner of social and cultural reform projects in Britain. Through storytelling, we want to ask the question, what can we learn about how we too might transform our society and culture, and indeed our school institutions and work as educators, out of the Gospel?

Elective Session:

The Bible and the Christian imagination

As Christian educators in the West, there are few, if any, tasks more pressing than forming people whose imagination is fired and fuelled by the Bible. As we grapple to live redemptively in a wider culture, we must recover the Scriptures as the richest (and truest) source of cultural imagination available to us. This session invites us to engage again the whole of the Biblical narrative, and to think about the opportunities of our cultural moment.