Ruth Watson

Ruth works at Marrara Christian College as a mathematics teacher and curriculum advisor. She is working towards her Masters in Christian Education. She enjoys helping students understand the place of maths in God’s world. She is married with three children, lives in Darwin, and loves going for long walks on the beach at sunrise and sunset.


Re-imagine the Practice of Teaching Maths

3 + 2 = 5. It doesn’t matter what you believe…or does it? Together we will explore how your faith, and the outworking of your philosophy of Maths, will deeply impact upon how you teach Maths.

Ruth will present some guiding thoughts on which you can anchor your lesson plans and help you ‘tell’ an authentic story in Maths that is consistent with the Biblical story.

There will be a number of practical ideas throughout the session for you to use as you lead students through their study of Maths, to worship God and equip them to live life before God as He designed it to be.