Vivienne Stapleton

Viv is Director of Christian Foundations and part of the senior leadership team at Donvale Christian College. Periodically she schedules a ‘Radical Sabbatical’ that typically take her adventuring to a new culture, hiking mountains and communing with God. Viv has led student experiences to Cambodia and is passionate about transformative missional possibilities for students beyond the classroom


Re-imaging Cross Cultural Experiences

Mission trip, service trip, exchange trip, voluntourism, exposure trip…what do these words suggest to you?

As Christian educators we seek to provide these opportunities for our students. We want them to build intercultural capabilities, explore and mature in their Christian faith and see God at work in his world among his people.

To enable a safe, successful trip, both for the people going and the people we are hoping to encourage, careful planning is required. This workshop sets out advice to those new to this endeavour and offers considerations to those who would like to re-imagine current practice.

Come prepared to share about the projects and experiences where your school has ‘walked with’ a community and what you have learnt along the journey to that point.