Reimagining Practice

Our International Transforming Education Conferences ask questions about the transformation of educational practice in Christian schools and other places of learning. They also seek to ask questions of Christian education’s effectiveness in transforming the heart, mind, and life of every student. ITEC19, on the banks of the Torrens River in Adelaide, Australia, is no different. It seeks to ask, “How can we use our God-given creativity and imagination to consider better practice in the classrooms, playgrounds, staff rooms, and board rooms of Christian learning places?”.
Christian education finds itself in a cultural moment characterised by an accelerating push towards a humanistic and self-autonomous framing of life and world. Are our current practices best placed to support students to navigate learning about themselves and their world in this context? What creative reimagining of practice would it be timely to consider, and reconsider?
Through God’s common grace, we see exciting innovation across the educational landscape towards deeper learning and a subsequent willingness to reimagine educational practice. There is a growing enthusiasm for innovation in teaching and learning. As secular education breaks free of the institutional shackles of modernity, Christian education must be willing to critically embrace pedagogical innovation and challenge traditional structures and practices.
It is our desire to provide a space for optimistic and biblically critical dialogue at this pivotal moment. We commit this conference to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ through our desire to transform education and reimagine practice; this our deep hope.