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Danielle Strickland, Author/Speaker

Infinitum Life

Explore a way of life that puts Jesus at the center and offers a framework for holistic discipleship. Find out how this tool has been a game changer in real life and brings a deeper level of spiritual vitality. Be warned: It’s simple, but not easy.
Chris Rayner, National Institute for Christian Education

A new day for initial teacher education: Teaching Hubs and formation for future Christian teachers'

David Loewen, Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia

Boards and School Leaders – Making it Work for the sake of your school

What does effective board governance look like and what is the school leader’s role and responsibility in ensuring it takes place? Working with boards can be some of the most challenging or rewarding work for school leaders. This workshop will explore best practices in board governance, focusing on clarity regarding the role of the board (and the NOT role) and how boards can function effectively within that role. There will be a strong focus on the school leader’s role and responsibility in facilitating that effective board leadership.
Bonnie Evans & Jo Miller, Mount Evelyn Christian School

Green Eggs & Ham – A fusion of wellbeing and learning support

This workshop invites participants into the story of what happens when two teams (wellbeing and learning support) come together as one team. You will learn about the why, what, who, and how this story began, the adventures, changes required, and lessons learned (and are still learning!)
You will have some fun, feel encouraged to plan your school’s own story, and take away some practical suggestions.
Alice Mustin, NT Christian Schools

A Roadmap for Teacher Growth in Formational Learning

This workshop is aimed at leaders looking for practical insights into the process of supporting teacher growth and building formational learning in their schools. In this workshop, you can learn from NT Christian Schools’ process of implementing a teacher growth roadmap which supports teachers to: embed practices from TBD II , make learning visible in the classroom and, transform heads, hearts and hands through authentic formational learning experiences. The roadmap has been developed through innovation and collaboration across NT Christian Schools campuses.
Rachel Herweynen, Gäwa Christian School

Yolŋu teaching & learning principles for your school (for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures Cross-curriculum Priority)

Staff from Gäwa Christian School would like to share God’s gifts to Yolŋu by presenting teaching and learning principles inherent to Yolŋu culture. We hope that through this, Christian schools around Australia will gain more confidence when planning for the cross-curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures. God’s gift to Yolŋu is not only in their knowledge, but in their ways of being. This session will go through:
  • Yolŋu pattern of teaching and learning mal’thun-nhäma-ŋäma-djäma-märram (follow-watch-listen-work-take)
  • Rrambaŋi marŋgikunhamirr (learning together)
  • Wäŋaŋur ga marŋgithirr (learning on country)
Ruth Watson, NT Christian Schools

A new day in mathematics education

What if the most basic reason to learn Maths is to worship God? What would this 'look like'? Mathematics is often viewed as religiously neutral, and we, as Christian teachers, often struggle to consider how to frame our subject and practices within a Biblical perspective. This presentation will seek to cover some very practical ideas (pedagogy and curriculum) that we can build into the rhythm of worshipful practice in the mathematics classroom.
Katrina McNab, Leighland Christian School

Building a better future through playful learning

Phil Beck, Keith Cameron, Edu Deo

Berjalan Bersama: Teachers and leaders Walking Together in Indonesia

Have you ever wanted to share with and learn from teachers and leaders in different parts of the world? Ever had a sense that there are other opportunities to share the gift of education that you have been entrusted with?
CEN certainly has!
In 2023 CEN established an exciting MOU with EduDeo, Canada, to actively participate in their “Walking Together” program, initially with partners in Indonesia. This exciting and well-developed program provides opportunity, resources and support for teachers and leaders from CEN to share with peers in different countries on short term teaching and learning visits, at the invitation of Christian school organisations in a number of countries. It may also open up other possibilities over time. Through participating in this program, you can help teachers have the right tools so they can make Christ the centre of their classrooms.
For 2 years, CEN, EduDeo and the Reformasi schools in West Timor, Indonesia, have been sharing in the development of a Walking Together program in Indonesia and its time to share this more widely with you. Leaders of EduDeo and the Reformasi schools will be here to share their Walking Together experience with you, encouraging you to consider taking part in this important work.
In this workshop you will find out more about the Walking Together program and how you or your school can become involved. What a great opportunity to grow as teachers and leaders and to share with people from very different contexts!