Darren Spyksma

Darren’s driving motivation is supporting educators and emerging leaders in creating engaging, empowering learning environments that foster faith formation. In his leadership roles, he seeks to challenge educators to explore ideas that bring schools to a place of continuous improvement within a distinctly Christian framework. Darren is committed to promoting learning built on meaningful relationships, demanding, rigorous, engaging, and relevant for the learner. He works with schools to intentionally develop a way of being represented in selecting practices, implemented over time, toward a common vision for learning and student wholeness. It is through the creation of learning experiences for students and staff that transformation is possible.

Before joining the staff at SCSBC as an Associate Executive Director and Director of Learning, Darren worked at four schools in various positions, including administration. In two of those schools, he supported a team in shaping middle years programs that are responsive to the developmental needs of adolescents. Darren’s downtime is spent with family and friends, talking about why edible landscaping is the future of food security in many parts of the world, including his suburban postage-stamp-sized yard.