Darren Spyksma

Darren is a Director of Learning for the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia. Seeing life and school through the eyes of his teenage kids, Darren supports school leaders and teachers in developing a deeper understanding of the role of teacher identity in faith formation. His work supporting practicing teachers through ongoing professional development models invite teachers to see their calling with fresh eyes and emboldened hearts.

Darren lives in Abbotsford, BC with his wife Jaime and children Lane and Camryn in the pursuit of sustainable living on a 7500 sq. ft. lot.


Strand Session:

Re-imagine Practise: Stories of how connecting pedagogy and faith formation leads to learning transformation

When teachers begin to view pedagogy through the lens of faith formation, everything changes. Darren will share stories of teachers, committed to a deeper vision for Christian education, changing their daily practice to impact the faith development of students.

Elective Session:

Maximize the Minutia: Planning for small pedagogical changes which lead to big results in the formation of students

Darren will give educators the structure and process they need to begin to make small accessible changes in their classroom. Changes which have been shown to result in an improvement in classroom and community culture. Come prepared to plan something that you can use the next time you are back into your classroom.