May 9, 2019

Annette McHugh, nee Pereira

Annette is a graduate of a CEN school. She has worked in and around politics for most of her adult life, in New Zealand, UK and Australia. Annette was the Executive Officer for AACS in 2018. She is passionate about the church continuing to offer good news to the world around us. Description On the…

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June 4, 2018

Chris Parker

Chris trained as a fluvial geomorphologist and never imagined writing a book commentating on culture. He is the author of The Frog and the Fish: Reflections on Work, Technology, Sex, Stuff, Truth, and Happiness. He serves as the Professional Learning Coordinator for CEN and the editor of the Christian Teachers Journal. After exploring the adventure…

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March 28, 2019

Ed Noot

Ed loves his family, friends, food, golf and ice hockey. He passionately believes that Christian education is as relevant and necessary today as it ever has been, and it brings him great joy to serve in an organization that seeks to help Christian schools flourish. Ed has been blessed with amazing leadership opportunities throughout his…

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June 11, 2019

Emily Brookes

Emily lives in Adelaide, South Australia and has been teaching Maths and Science for twenty-one years in various Department and Christian schools in the country and city. Emily is the Director of Teaching and Learning at Torrens Valley Christian School and is part of the Senior Executive Team. Emily’s passion is in Professional Learning, Classroom…

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June 18, 2019

Gayle Monsma

Gayle is a Canuck from Edmonton Alberta. She owns several toques, usually has a few loonies and toonies in her pocket, has eaten ketchup chips but prefers poutine, nanaimo bars or even Timbits, does not live in an igloo, but has taken a few rides on toboggans and Ski-Doos. Unlike many Canadians, she is not…

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June 26, 2019

Michelle Dempsey

Michelle Dempsey has had a long term involvement in Christian Education, and in particular in CEN schools. Starting out as a teacher, Michelle has taught all ages and has served as a Coordinator, Deputy and Principal. She is passionate about Christian Education and seeing teachers and students finding God in their learning. Michelle takes great…

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May 29, 2018

Steve McAlpine

Stephen has been reading, writing and reflecting ever since he can remember. His first published piece was his Grade 2 story about a family of mice being terrorised by a shark on the beaches of Perth. He is the lead pastor of Providence Church Midland, and in his writing and speaking dabbles in a number…

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